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My Favorite products of 2018

Apple AirPods

At first release, I said "This is going to be terrible. They are going to get lost or fall out." Well! They don’t fall out. I have done plyos (box jumps & more), kettlebell, olympic lifting, jump roping, running, rolling, tumbling, and moral of the story, they haven’t fell out. 

I did lose them but it was my own fault. (I left them sitting at the gym). They were so worth it, i had to re-up. You can program them to tap them to pause, skip songs or siri to make calls or voice control apps. Wireless so wires don't get caught and over the ear doesn't fall off.



neuroscience halo sport motor cortex

There’s nothing like it. These are not your normal music seducing earphones. The Halo Sport headset uses transcranial direct current stimulation to excite the neurons of your motor cortex (the part of your brain that send signals for your muscles to move) so they fire more rapidly. This in turn allows you to learn movements quicker, as well as, improve skills you train during this excited state. SUPER SCIENCEY, SUPER COOL, SUPER EASY TO USE. If you're looking to take your training to the next level. This could be a start, it was for Olympic Athletes, Professional Musician & Navy Seals. 


Hyperice Hypervolt

hyperice hypervolt self myofascial release sir therapy tight muscles

The evolution of regeneration products is growing and this is definitely a popular one. The popularity serves the Hypervolt's reputation correct. This tool brings ease to Self Myofascial Release. Easy to hold, easy to target and comes with attachments for the those hard to reach areas that need release. I love using this for clients who have trouble doing SMR on their own, also on myself for when I need the extra therapy.


Nike Run Club App

nike run club app running apple watch iPhone

This app is for ever kind of runner! Whether you’re seasoned or just getting started. Nike Run Club App has runs for everyone and everything you may be going through. Runs for performance, speed, distance, beginners, stress relief, meditation and more. Nike partnered with global running coaches, athletes and companies like Headspace to bring you quality support when hitting the pavement to tread shoe. I feel like I can run longer every time I hear the coaches in my ear. It made me love running.


Apple Watch w/ Cellular

apple watch running apple pay

Although Wolaco tights make it easier to run with my phone, I hate running with my phone in hand. Oh the dangers.

With the Apple Watch, I love being able to leave my phone at home and still track my runs on the Nike Run Club App with Guided Runs, stream music, changing song, answer text & calls on the go and pay with Apple Pay. It’s an essential.



spotify music streaming

Easily said, Spotify leads the pack in music streaming services. They release innovative features all the time making it easy to discover new music & artist. 

Their playlist & radio are spot on. You can build playlist alone or with friends. Listen and download podcast like The Flex Project. 

Spotify offers a free version or premium where you can download your music to your phone both are awesome! They also offersstudent discount which comes with hulu & showtime.



wolaco leggings tights men running pockets

Literally the best tights on the market. HANDS DOWN.

The North Moore 9” and Fulton .75 are my go to's.

First of all they have pockets, not 1 but 2. One big enough, yet snug for your phone. Another for your cards/ID. They have a thick band around the waist that’s comfortable and they have the perfect balance of breathability, comfortably and performance efficiency.

If you run, jump, kneel, squat, deadlift or any movement using your legs they win every time. My favorite use is kettlebell flow, running and leg focused works. If I had more, i'd wear them everyday. I have used them on turf and they maintain their quality through being rubbed and washed. One of my all time favorite, they are a must. BTW Wolaco Women launches January.


Nike Metcon 4

nike retcon 4 crossfire cross training run jump cut

Nike continues to make awesome quality products that suit me well.  

Each version of the Metcon has been great and their Metcon 4 is no let up on the greatness. I recently listened to Crossfit Athlete Mat Fraser praise nike for listening the athletes that train to enhance the shoes practically & efficiency when training. I can definitely say I love the little details that you think are cool but really they’re useful.

I loved these so much, I bought my Dad a pair to train in...mainly because he tried to take mine.


H&M Black Hoodie

black hoodie H&M h and m

Yes, It has to be Black. But I'm sure all the colors are just as comfortable.

This is an essential for me as I love hoodies! H&Ms basic hoodie is so affordable & comfortable. 

Simple design and perfect size. 

It’s a regular in my wardrobe, whether gym or going casual.


Nike Vapor Max Flyknit 2

nike vapor max flyknit 2 running

Probably my overall favorite athletic shoe at the moment. 

The airpumped bottoms make walk & running feel like your bouncing on clouds. 

The grip styled bottom is awesome when sled pushing or jumps. 

They are breathable & stylish af! 

I hope Nike keeps this shoe around for a while.


Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt

rogue fitnes ohio lifting belt weightlifting

My favorite belt for about 2 years now.

It’s something about the perfect thickness & support. When my lifts start getting heavy, I can’t live without it.

It sits in the right areas and the quality of the leather resist wear & tear.

I personalize my belt by writing each lift I use my belt for on the inside. Shows me the journey we've had together.


Tiger Balm

tiger balm aches pain

Some days, no matter how much you roller, hypervolt, stretch or breath the aches & pains need some help soothing.

Tiger balm has saved my life for many years. 

It’s a gym bag essential for aggressive athletes.

Nuff said.



rumble roller smr recovery regeneration

The ridges of the RumbleRoller dig and hit the spot each time.

 I love using this in my warm up & cool down. I will even use it on yoga days and follow up with the hypervolt.

Healthy muscle fascia is so important. You can not skip it. The RumbleRoller will save you and is more affordable than the Hypervolt.


SKLZ Massage Ball

sklz ex's

With perfect density, The SKLZ Massage Ball is great for getting deeper to my hamstrings, glutes and calves.

I double up and use the ball for CNS reactive drills or catching. It has a good size to catch with clients that may not want a lacrosse or super dense ball tossed at them.

It's also the perfect travel size to work out those knots built up when flying or traveling for long periods of time.


SKLZ Mini Bands

mine bands

Essential part of my daily warm up. Used to fire up shoulders & glutes. 

These bands can be used for various exercises and very commonly used to build mass in lower body, rehab or fix squat pattern.


Liquid Grip Liquid Chalk

liquid chalk grip rogue fitness

Getting sweaty palms over big lifts? GET YOUR GRIP!

This handy dandy keychain attachment has your back. 

Liquid Grip is great for gyms that do not allow chalk. This easy to apply, no mass liquid chalk gets the job accomplished!

Whether you are rock climbing, olympic lifting or flowing with kettlebells this is a sure grip.


Humann BeetElite

Beets Elite Human Running Endurance Nitric Oxide

I very rarely ever put my name on supplements, I am a strong believer in focusing on nutrition and allowing supplements to compliment your great eating behavior. 

Since Beets naturally stimulate nitric oxide. BeetElite naturally assist your body in delivering oxygen to your muscles needed to perform enduring cardio for sustainable periods of time. 

I am a Beetliever, I use it on long cardio days or crossfit style workouts.


Insulated BlenderBottle

Blender bottles have been an essential for gym goers for a good time now. Whether you're mixing your protein, pre, post or intra workout or just trying to get some BeetElite before a long run day, BlenderBottle has tested tried & true.

Well now it gets better! Now you can keep your liquids cold for up to 24hrs.

I love using this because I hate hot drinks, so my water, tea, or even BCAAs stay cold and ready to drink.


I hope you enjoyed the reviews of my favorite products of 2018. They give my everyday fitness routine efficiency and luxury. Tell me what you think or if you think a product is missing from the line up. To submit your thoughts, click below.

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